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PentacleGlobal is a consultancy dedicated to bridging markets in the defense and security industry. We are uniting international problems with innovative solutions, reducing the challenges these ecosystems present. Pentacle is dedicated to facilitating collaborations and providing expert insights that drive success in this dynamic industry.

Founded in Norway in 2022, Pentacle is co-founded by people passionate about building a better future. With years of experience in the Western defense ecosystem, Pentacle offers insights to help you expand your market reach. Our clients are passionate about service, too. 

Why partner with Pentacle

Connect with highly skilled professionals in Norway, the EU, the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and beyond.

Expand into European markets with insights, strategies, and local expertise tailored by Pentacle.

Leverage our specialized knowledge in the defense and security sector for strategic engagement.

Benefit from our network with strategic introductions to decision-makers and business partners.

Efficiently represent your brand in Europe, aligning your presence with business objectives.

Identify opportunities and forge partnerships in critical sectors such as energy, logistics, and supply.

Join our dedication to supporting the defense and security of NATO nations.

Experience the passion of Pentacle Global – dedicated to seeing your company flourish in Europe and beyond.

Adam Lackey

Lead Consultant

Introducing Adam, the Founder and Lead Consultant at Pentacle, with more than 23 years of service in the US Army and NATO. Adam has honed his skills in defense and security, making Pentacle a trusted bridge for industry, governments, and academia in search of innovative solutions.

Adam's vast experience includes leadership roles in the US Army and NATO, including managing multi-million-euro budgets for NATO's major strategic exercises. He's adept at leading diverse teams and creating exceptional learning environments.

In his role at Pentacle, Adam provides expert solutions for defense and security matters, connecting those with challenges to those with answers. His skills span European markets, European employment law, international sales, and sales development.

Lt Gen. Kirk Smith (ret.)


Lt Gen. Kirk Smith (ret.) brings a wealth of experience in international security cooperation. As the Deputy Commander of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), he oversaw operations across 53 African nations, working with partners to counter threats, strengthen security forces, and promote regional stability.

General Smith's career spans over more than 30 years in the U.S. Air Force, with a focus on special operations and strategic leadership. He has held key positions within NATO's Special Operations Component Command and U.S. European Command. His proven ability to manage complex operations and foster international collaboration is an invaluable asset to Pentacle's clients.

Timothy McGuire


Tim is a consultant with Pentacle, where he is focused on navigating government capability development and investor relations. He brings a creative and mission driven approach to growth while facilitating multi-national go-to-market opportunities and rapid operational feedback.

Tim has 14 years of military service across the U.S. Air Force in active, guard, and reserve components. In his previous roles with NATO and the Defence Innovation Unit, he was dedicated to translating impact and creating pathways to accelerate the adoption of deep and dual-use technologies.

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